« OEUVRER » POUR LA NATURE ! Art Dedicated To Nature

Traveling exhibition



Birth of the project         

 Painter passionated by the Trees, I’ve been looking for a way to contribute in their protection. It was during a trip to Compiègne in 2011, as I was preparing the project “Les Allés de l’Impératrice” ordered by the society Eiffage Immobilier Picardie, that I met for the first time those immense Trees in the Imperial Forest. The emotional chock was so great that since then, my work was only focused on painting on the theme of trees.

 Over the years, I discovered the A.R.B.R.E.S (T.R.E.E.S) association, and it’s president, Mister GEORGES FETERMAN.

It’s during the summer of 2019, at the old wash-house of Mougins that was welcoming my exhibition on the theme of tress that came to me the idea of realizing a great traveling exhibition through France on the theme of remarkable Trees, and to present the “portraits” of those “venerable patriarch”.


Goal of the project

Art dedicated to Nature !

 That art may help in preserving the beauty of the forest heritage !

The goal of this project is to participate in the awareness of the public to nature through a presentation of painting on the theme of Trees, recalling that way, as a symbol, the importance of trees in our environment and the urge for their protection.


How ?

By the realization of a great traveling exhibition through France of large format painting of remarkable trees, punctuated with conference and presentation of actions in their favor by the A.R.B.R.E.S. Association. Those exhibition should be seen as a contribution to recognize those remarkable trees as national heritage, opening the way to a legislation that would protect them efficiently, with our forest.


« Dear friends, with the period of time we are going through, we are sure that the weight we put on trees should be more important, with deeper respect and a better protection.

The trees, young or old, forest or urban, are, for sure, bearers of fortune ! »                                                                         

                                                                      Georges FETERMAN